In 2008 Peter was asked to decorate a work in the King Bladud’s Pig project. Halfway through decoration the pig fell into the canal and was rescued by vikings.

In gratitude peter allowed the cast to use the pig in their production of Beowulf.

ipig in FullSail Theatre production of Beowulf

Due to a lapse in security the pig was stolen after the production.

Missing Pig Poster

After an extensive search it was found three miles away hanging from a tree.

ipig hanging from a tree

It was decided by the organiser that the pig was no longer a valid art work and was taken back to the workshop where a claim was made to the insurance company that the work had been vandalised. The artist was never paid for his efforts.

However the pig was temporarily released for another production of Beowulf at Bradford on Avon Tithe barn…

ipig at Bradford on Avon Tithe Barn

…and finally for a production of Treasure Island where it again went missing but can now be seen grazing contentedly by the canal in Bathampton.

ipig grazing at Bathampton